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First aid for mental health courses 2024:

7-8.03+22.03.24 – Zoom registreerimisvorm

The price of the Zoom training for the participant is 94,26€ (+ VAT) so in total 115 €.

Are you capable of noticing the behaviour patterns of your friends, relatives, acquaintances or colleagues that are indicative of mental health problems? Do you know what to say and how to say it when you notice someone having difficulties with their mental health? How to react when someone shares their worries with you? How and where to get help with mental health issues?

Many of us know the principles of giving physical first aid to people around us. It is just as important to know the principles of giving primary support to people with emotional or mental difficulties, that is, mental health first aid. Just like with physical first aid, we cannot assume the role of the doctor when giving mental health first aid, however, we can be the ones who provide support at the most critical moment and offer relief during a crisis.

The course given by the NGOs Peaasjad and Estonian Psychosocial Rehabilitation Association is for:
  • everyone who values mental health and wishes to be more brave, confident and knowledgeable in supporting others (no prior experience necessary!);
The following people should have mental health first aid skills:
  • community members who come in contact with mental health issues and wish to learn mental health first aid strategies;
  • employers from various walks of life;
  • specialists who work at local governments;
  • specialists who work in education;
  • social service providers.
Participants who finish the course will have the knowledge and skills for providing first aid and information to people who need help with mental health problems. The course will teach mental health first aid as a technique. The course does not expect prior knowledge of mental health issues and is suitable for anyone. If a participant already has a thorough understanding of the field of psychology, then the course will enable them to learn a new technique.

The first aid for mental health course teaches you how to support the people around you, to support those who disclose their mental health problems to you, as well as those who you think may have a problem, but who you don’t really know how to approach. We teach the importance of lessening stigma, supportive listening, encouragement of seeking professional help and introducing self-help methods.

Those who completed the course can:

  • make use of the five steps of first aid for mental health to give primary aid to someone who has a mental health issue;
  • recognise the important risk factors and behaviours indicative of different mental health problems;
  • recognise the effect of stigmatisation on a person with mental health issues.

As a result of previous mental health first aid courses, our participants have mastered the five steps of first aid for mental health along with the courage to offer active help and support.

The total length of the course is 11h, of which 1,5h is independent work. It is necessary for the participant to take part of at least 90% of the courses – any less and the participant won’t acquire sufficient knowledge, methods or skills to offer proper mental health first aid.

  • Day 1 of the course is 2x2h
  • Day 2 of the course is 2x2h
  • Interim for practicing independent work
  • Day 3 of the course is 1,5h – reflection of independent work

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Are you the representative of a local government or an organisation and wish to take our courses? Or would you like to gather a group of friends and learn mental health first aid together? Ask for offers from Please order a separate course for your organisation even if you wish for more than 10 people to take part. 

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Who are our instructors?

  • Anna Nõmmik 
  • Daniel Soomer 
  • Elina Kivinukk 
  • Merilin Mandel 
  • Minna Sild
  • Ere Vasli
  • Umberto Dorus Geerts
  • Ailen Suurtee 
  • Gea Ashilevi 
  • Julia Pavlova 
  • Külli Mäe 
  • Merle Purre 
  • Dina Smoljakova 
  • Tatiana Larina 
Anna Haasma, Daniel Soomer, Elina Kivinukk, Julia Pavlova, Külli Mäe, Minna Sild
Ailen Elias, Ere Vasli
Umberto Dorus Geerts